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A flyer with the details of the summer school is available here (english version only).

Summer School on Public-Key-Cryptography

Date:  07. - 12. August 2016 

Venue: Bad Herrenalb (Black Forest, near Karlsruhe)

Topics: The summer school aims to give an overview of two algorithmically difficult problem classes that are used in public-key cryptography (PKC): computing discrete logarithms and problems in (integer) lattices. Participants will thus learn new developments in an established problem in PKC (dLog-based systems) and in one of the most promising new areas (lattice-based cryptography). Any breakthrough in either of these topics has a major impact on the development of PKC.

For IT security the real implementation with all its side effects is one of the biggest problems. Almost all successful attacks on security systems exploit vulnerabilities in the implementation (software or hardware). An approach that uses coding theory for countermeasures to side-channel attacks covers this topic.

A short overview of the use of cryptography in history and a discussion of current political limits and demands of cryptography will complete the themes of the summer school.

Target audience: Bachelor students (close to finishing their studies), master students, PhD students and interested researchers.